Sunday, December 21, 2008

Album Review: Keyshia Cole- A Different Me

Well if you didn't go out and grab yourself a copy of the new Keyshia Cole cd well you are just missing out on a true gem!!! To say she has grown as an artist is an understatement. The vocals down to the content is completely different. There is something for every fan. The one thing that I noticed on this cd that wasn't on the others is songs about being in love and being happy. There aren't many tracks about heart ache and pain. With only a few producers in the driver seat Ms. Cole introduces the world to a different her. One that has grown up and matured into a not only gift woman but someone we all can learn from!!!
Favorite Tracks From A Different Me:
Brand New
Thought You Should Know
Where This Love Could End Up
Playa Cardz Right
You Complete Me
This Is Us
Please Don't Stop
Oh-Oh, Yeah-Yea
No Other

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