Friday, October 31, 2008

The Playlist...This One Is For You!!!

This playlist is something that gets me each and everyone of my days and it you don't have any of these songs in your I-tunes or on your mp3 player please discover and download legally of course!!!

In The Late Of Night- Toni Braxton
Why Should I Care- Toni Braxton
Every Thought Is You- Kelly Rowland
Last Sip (Remix)- Joe Ft. Mario
Hate That I Love You- Rihanna Ft. Ne-Yo
Look Me In My Face- Brandon Hines
I Don't Love You Anymore- Trey Songz
Love Won't Count Me Out- Brandy
I'm The Only Woman- Mary J. Blige
Tell Me- Monica
Sweeetest Love- Robin Thicke
You're Gonna Get It- Angie Stone
If I Were A Boy- Beyonce
Locked Out- Jagged Edge
Love- Kelly Rowland
Suffocate- J. Holiday
Ms. Stress- Floetry
Come See Me- Jill Scott
Lions, Tigers and Bears- Jazmine Sullivan
Fallen- Mya
Can We Talk- Tevin Campbell
Not Like This- Calvin Richardson
If You Leave- Musiq Soulchild Ft. Mary J. Blige

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Best Rapper Alive...My ASS!!!

Ok so I just read some articles that are in the November Obama Vibe. And the one that just got under my skin was the one that said people voted and Eminem was the best rapper alive. GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!! There can't be that me deaf people on earth. I know everyone is entitled to there own opinion but when then are implying things like Eminem is the best rapper alive they really should have that right taken away. I have never really been interested in anything he has ever had to say or do. He is just as big as a joke as 50¢ (lmao). if one person can please tell me one thing he has said that would make me want to pay him just a little attention, I would probably understand a little. But most likely not. His voice sounds like a 13 year old boy. His raps are as elementary as raps can get and his image is something I would compare to Sponge Bob. And the fact they put him in a movie loosely but exactly about his life means he is over. He basically did a bio pic where he played him self and the story was whack. Maybe I'm just a little to mature to be apart of the Eminem fan base but I refuse to believe 920,000 people voted on this matter and Eminem was the victorious on!!!

P.S.- and did I mention over artist such as Jay-Z, T.I., Scarface, Nas, The Game, Outkast, Bun-B and so many others that can't rap who rap better than Eminem!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Weekend Round Up!!!

I know its kinda of late but i have been super busy with work and life but this past weekend was a blast. Howard's homecoming was this weekend and it was officially time to party. From the late nights out to the meet and greats on the yard. It was most definitely and Homecoming weekend to remember. The only low points to my weekend was the fact that Howard lost the game and that i lost my goddamn watch. but whatever the case maybe we had a fucking ball.

Yard fest was on Friday and it was fun for what it was. not sure about any of the performers because i was in the back near fine arts have a blast with a few friends. But the big thing on the yard was the fashions, why don't some people get that its the yard and not the fucking club. you don't have to be that dressed to go out on the yard to see a bunch of people you already see everyday. But do you if you have to. Went to the diner after the club of Friday and seen one fight , where to dc locals jumped some white boy like some bitches. and the police was walking like a fucking snail to break it up. I hate DC cops. the most of them are fat and lazy and don't do shit!!! And took a cab three blocks that cost alittle over $10 what the fuck is this world coming to.

Saturday was the game and Howard lost by a Fucking field goal but lets not go there. I did get to see my dear friend Reka whom i haven't seen since last homecoming because she is so busy being Nape Towns #1 radio personality. it was nice seeing her i miss her so much. I was kind of sad everyone couldn't make it back but maybe next time. i went to a few parties and i was drunk Friday through Sunday. and on some side shit can you believe i paid $16 for 2 extra-value meals from McDonald's in Adams Morgan. That shit was just out of control. but all and all i had a blast and would do it all again.

DC is so Fucking Cold...


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Moving On...

Its so funny how we grow to see the light. Maybe its how life is suppose to be. Maybe we won't or maybe we will now that is the question. Lets not put to much pressure on the little things. It so much to discover out here about ourselves. I have had my head wrapped around something or should I say someone for the last month and I couldn't see that my life was actually starting to take a turn for the good. I complain about work a lot, and I probably be complaining some more about how they are working my nerves but in the end I feel like I matter at my job and it doesn't just feel like a job. I'm now doing something that makes me feel important. Yeah we all have our ups and downs, but we can't let the downs hold us there. We have to keep pushing. For a moment in that short month I thought I wanted something that I see now I just couldn't have. Maybe it was an easy escape from the bullshit I was going thru but whatever it was it was making me feel better and it was putting something else on my mind. The only thing I can do now is to keep my fingers crossed and hope that things keep moving up.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Janet Jackson Show!!!

So Janet ripped the Verizon Center down. So all you people that stay up all night to hate on those other blogs can suck a fat one. If only you could have been there, and if you were there and are a true fan it was something not to miss. She did not skip a beat. She did every song that you ever want her to do. I don't even know how I'm suppose to answer the phones at work for the next couple of days. She had the crowd rocking never have I been to a concert and rocked out like that. Now that's what I call a show. The unstoppable janet is what we should be calling her. She never lets me down. The stage was so crazy, and it was only something Janet can give us. Look out for pics from the show with in the next few days. And if you didn't get a chance to see the concert my pictrues

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So Over This Placc!!!

Should waking up and going to work really be this fucking draining. I have the energy of a fucking snail. I trying to turn over a new leaf and be a much more positive person at work but this shit is causing me to have grey hair. They stress me to there is no end. And I don't even get paid enough to deal with such stress. Something is gonna have to give cause if i find one more grey hair am going to kill somebody.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend Round Up!!!

With my cuzin/bruva's Birthday being on Friday my weekend could only start off with a Bang. We hit up Wonderlan, Marvin's And The Space to celebrate John turning 24. The night went on with us hoping in and out of cabs and Vodka was the drink of choice. It was a night to remember. Seen a few famiiar faces and met some new ones. Shout out to Michelle and Abby of Cusp fame. Yeah i also did and said some things i shouldn't have and for that i'm sorry and you know who i'm talking about and to if you don't know don't fucking ask!!!

Saturday was alittle more relaxing with me Having brunch at matchbox then exetremly light shopping in g-town, where it took me 30 Minutes to find a FUCKING parking space, they really should do something about that. Later night met up with friends and tried the New Busboy's. The food was great but the service was the fucking worst. If you get a chance check it out before it gets to cold and you wont get to experience the indoor outdoor vibe.

Sunday is my day for rest so i just stayed in cleaned a little and i cooked dinner which was steak mashed potatos and green beans. I forgot to mention that i got up at 4:45 AM and made a drink and snack run to CVS. It was so fucking cold and i walked cause i couldnt find the car keys. And for some odd reason i bought a candle i don't know what that was about.

Model Pics!!!

It was my first model install fro work an I'm so proud of my work. The Model can be seen at the City Vista Apartments on 5th and Kst N.W. Washington DC 20001. Let me know what you think. Would really love the feedback.

Ciara Ft. T-Pain- Go Girl Music Video

Ok so this new Ciara video is the sickest thing since Rihanna's Disturbia. Ciara has changed from this cute around the way girl into a bonified superstar. check the styling in this video with a cameo from the sickest sunglasses i have seen in a while. And even though T-Pain is everywhere right now this wouldn't be the same song with out him. Check it out and tell me what you think!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I finished the model apartment today for my job. I will post the pics over the weekend. But now I'm trying to figure out what to do about work. I put so much of my energy into that place and there is really no reward. We the hell is my raise. I need more money now!!! I need to see the fruits of my labor. I work hard as hell and the pennies that I'm getting paid ain't cutting it. They got two weeks to give me the money I'm asking for or I'm going to start only doing my job and nothing more. I will not be used. I will not sit back and be any ones flunky!!! I'll keep you guys updated on the results.

Monday, October 6, 2008


At work bored so I texted you. dont know why but i did. I have to do something to get you off my mind. This shit is starting to make me feel crazy and out of control. anf theres nothing worst in my book than a lack of self-control. I cant really figure out waht it is about you that has so much of my attention but i wish it would just go away. maybe its the mixed signals and the fucking tension in the air. but i wish i could just get over it and you. Please I hope you don't show up or even text back!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Truth About Me...I Swear!!!

OK so this is my third or fourth time trying to start a blog. but this time its different. I'm going to write about something i know about, and i mean truly know about, ME!!! No one knows me like i know me. This blog will reflect my day to day and sometimes my opinions on a lot of matters. i will definitely keep you posted on my everyday struggles as a starving artist with so many gifts but not enough drive. Its one of the biggest challenges in my life. So if you want to just take a ride with your boy and see what it is really like being Javon just tune in and I'll let you take a small peek.