Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lanvin Men's S/S 2010!!!

Lanvin Men's S/S 2010

Albert Elbaz and Lucas Ossendrijver

Their is something romantic about Lanvins men's Spring/Summer 2010 collection. For the past three season Lanvin has been the talk of the mens fashion world. Heres what http://www.wwd.com/ had to say:Whether or not Albert Elbaz and Lucas Ossendrijver set out to unsettle their viewers, their spring show under the red lights of the Salle Wagram ballroom certainly challenged traditional notions of masculine conformity. “It’s about individualism and the antiuniform,” explained Ossendrijver, Lanvin men’s wear director. “We didn’t go to the studio. We went to the street,” chimed in Elbaz. While some elements appeared overtly feminine — platinum blonde wigs, high-waist pleated pants and stiff, silky fabrics — they were tempered with traditional gentleman signals: micro-check shirts, rep ties and even pocket squares. Jaunty visors and pencil moustaches added a retro twist. Looks ranged from an all-business slate blue suit to a don’t-mess-with-me sleeveless gray jacket with a black back panel. Silk shorts, tartan sportswear and cropped leather blousons completed the young, provocative mix. Fabrics included satins, tweeds and silks, proportions mixed (slim and elongated or ample and cropped) and colors predominantly dark (counter to this season’s soft and muted palette). The panoply of options successfully countered today’s uniform culture

Dior Homme S/S 2010!!!

Dior Homme S/S 2010

Kris Van Assche

Their was something i found to be extremely sexy about this collection. It was raw and stripped down of everything people thought it should be. From the sheer shirts to the way to the trousers sat on the waist and tapered at the ankle, it was something sexy and edgy about the movement of the clothing. Assche has been breaking down the key element to Dior Homme since he took over as creative director two years ago and he has done an excellent job of taking the Dior Homme brand into a new direction. Layering transparent shirts and cardigans with raw-edged unlined jackets and silk trench coats was one of the many highlights to this collection. The color story was one that stayed true to the Dior Homme name and made for an interesting out come!!!

Photos Via: www.WWD.com

Photos By: Giovanni Giannoni

Paul Smith Men's S/S 2010!!!

Paul Smith Men's S/S 2010
Paul Smith
The chilled-out sense of being on holiday ran through this sportswear-driven and appealing collection. Espadrilles, vintage Hawaiian and Parisian postcard prints and a recurring cloud motif all declared the wearer’s intention to relax. The only suits were made of either pastel colored poplin or shiny, papery fabrics. Meanwhile, the tailored looks that were the most passably businesslike were actually an array of separates. Paul Smith frequently takes inspiration from gentlemen’s sports, but this time the sportswear had the techy fabrics, zips and cinches of contemporary athleticwear. The collection may have been unusually modern for Paul Smith, but it still delivered his colorful and cheerful point of view. And the rollicking finale had Sir Paul and the models boogying down to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” — a touching and uplifting coda to the week

Photos & Words Via: www.WWD.com

Photos By: Giovanni Giannoni

Dunhill Men's S/S 2010!!!

Dunhill Men's S/S 2010
Kim Jones
Last season was not a great one for Creative Director Kim Jones over at Dunhill. Many say that he complete missed the mark with tricky tailoring. But for his spring/summer 2010 collection he has dona a complete turn around sticky to what it is he was brought on to do. And that is to bring a young and fresh outlook to the classic British brand. With classic and well tailored suiting and crisp and refreshing colors Jones was able to bring that edge to the classic brand.Aluminum suitcase that were inspiried by the twenty would be fit for any man who travels light and frequently. And to add a more up to date edge to the brands mens bag line jones introduce scratch-resistant carbon fiber bags that any man would want to carry and add to there collection!!!

Photos Via: www.WWD.com

Photos By: Giovanni Giannoni

Kenzo S/S 2010 Fashion Week!!!

Kenzo S/S 2010

Kenzo man has never been in my top shows to look for but with a collection of masterfully put together clothing there was nothing that i could do but put this in my top ten. Creative Director Antonio Marras took his inspiration from french explorer Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza. With breezy silhouettes made with rustic and luxe fabris made perfect for exploring some of the most exotic places in the world. Beautifully constructed jackets with some of the most amazingly embroidered Africa and floral motifs to be seen in a while paired with jersey tees and linen cropped and cuff trousers had me and I'm sure those in attendance oohing and aahing! And to add that finishing touch multiple bottles of sand where poured onto the runway as the models flooded the runway for a dusty and one of a kind finish to an amazing show!!!

Kenzo Men's S/S 2010 Show
Photos Via: www.WWD.com
Photos By: Giovanni Giannoni

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Givenchy Men's S/S 2010!!!

Givenchy Men's S/S 2010

Riccardo Tisci

The Givenchy show was a show that came to me by no surprise. For the last few season Givenchy mens have done nothing but amaze me. Riccardo Tisci says he was inspiried by classic 90's american style and it shows in every piece in the collection. the crisp whites and the deep blacks were inmpecable and the patterned shorts, shirts and tights where worthy of fashion greatness.

Paris Men's S/S 2010 Fashion Week!!!

Paris Men's S/S 2010
Day 4

Day four brought about some of the biggest nams in the fashion world such as Hermes, Ann Demeulemeester, and Viktor & Rolf. But it also introduced me to a few names that i'm glad to say i fell in love with such as Bernhard Willhelm, Damir Doma, and Wintle. The trends continued flow down the run such as folded shorts, wide leg trouses and leather!!!

Hermes (*)

Maison Martin Margiela (-)

Miharayasuhiro (*)

Balmain (-)

Viktor & Rolf (-)

Ann Demeulemeester (*)

Wintle (-)

Damir Doma (*)

Bernhard Willhelm (*)
Photos Via: www.WWD.com
Photos By: Giovanni Giannoni(*), Dominique Maitre(-)