Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fresh Start...

I don't really want to set any new years resolutions but i feel like it would be bad luck to not do so. So this year I'm going to set small goals for myself and work my hardest to reach them. i don't really want to jinx myself by say to many of them out loud but one I will say is I want to continue to see the my self grow and open up to new things. This time next year i want to see myself being a better person mind body and spirit. This is the last post for the year of 2008. A year that brought us the recession, a crashing stock market, Lil' Wayne the rock star, the G1 google phone and Most importantly The First African-American President Barack Obama. For now i'm saying Have a safe and Happy New Year. Be looking for you all in 2009. Thanks for all the support!!!

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