Monday, December 1, 2008

The Lost Party File...

I cant believe I forgot to post this and I can say that if my friend Yash wanted to kill me i would totally understand. I can't believe I forgot to blog about one of the greatest times I had all November. Well the date was 11/11 and the day started with Mimosa's and birthday gifts and cards. And there is no other way to start your 24th B-day than to the sound of champagne bottles opening.

After the liquid breakfast we did a little shopping and a little lunch Rugby cafe to be exact. After a really chill lunch there was more shopping and even more drinking once we got back to the loft to find something to wear out that night for the very private VIP party at the Science Club (1136 19th Street NW Washington DC 20036 After shutting the place down we moved the party around the corner to Fly Lounge (1802 Jefferson Pl NW Washington DC 20036 where if you don't know someone or at least know someone who knows someone you can just forget it. But we partied the night away and everyone had a great time.
Happy B-day Yash sorry for the late post!!!

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