Monday, May 18, 2009

NBA Western Conference Finals!!!

Western Conference Finals

After what many people tought should have been a sweep the Laker pull off the final victory in Los Angeles yesterday over the Houston Rockets to advance to the western conference finals againts the Denver Nuggets. I must say the Rockets play great ball even with two of there superstar player ( Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady) out for the rest of there season. Aaron Brooks and Ron Artest played exetremly well. Kobe bryant played in this series like we have never seem him play before he play a great team game so that players like Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol can come in and make points that made a difference. Carmelo Anthony and the Nuggets made there way thru there series pretty swiftly and with out to many worrys. Its going to be great to see the two top teams in the west go head to head. Gotta say it though "Let's Go Lakers"!!!

LA Lakers Vs. Houston Rockets Game 7 Highlights

Denver Nuggets Vs. Dallas Mavericks Game 5 Highlights

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