Friday, May 15, 2009

Back In The D dot C!!!

Lunch At Cap City

I was home for a while in D.C. and i had a blast. With the good time rolling I cleared my head to get myself ready for to new me that would return back to New York. Some times we need to take a step back and realize everything that we need and want are right in front of us. Now that have my thoughts and ideas together, I'm ready to move foward and shine. I hit the Diner which is one of my favorite spots to eat. I did a little shopping at Common Wealth, Gerogetown, and a few other places. I also hit a lot of Happy Hours and Restaurant to get my grub on. visited a few friends and a few people i shouldn't have but alls well that ends well. I did so much in my little time home and can't wait to get back soon. Here are some pics of the great time i had!!!

Had Half-Price Bottles Of Wine At The Diner-The Wedsenday Special
Stayed On The Red Line
Took In A HS Baseball Game
Went To Danny's Carry-Out For Wings & Fries
Bought Some New Sneakers
Got A New Hair Cut

Did The Drive Thru Drunk!!!

Rode The Metro Bus While On Twitter

Had A Glass Of Wine
Stopped Pass My Sister Samantha's 25th Birthday Party

This Is One Of My Many Happy Hours
Played Fashion Police (She Got A $1,000 Ticket for These Boots)

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