Thursday, October 23, 2008

Weekend Round Up!!!

I know its kinda of late but i have been super busy with work and life but this past weekend was a blast. Howard's homecoming was this weekend and it was officially time to party. From the late nights out to the meet and greats on the yard. It was most definitely and Homecoming weekend to remember. The only low points to my weekend was the fact that Howard lost the game and that i lost my goddamn watch. but whatever the case maybe we had a fucking ball.

Yard fest was on Friday and it was fun for what it was. not sure about any of the performers because i was in the back near fine arts have a blast with a few friends. But the big thing on the yard was the fashions, why don't some people get that its the yard and not the fucking club. you don't have to be that dressed to go out on the yard to see a bunch of people you already see everyday. But do you if you have to. Went to the diner after the club of Friday and seen one fight , where to dc locals jumped some white boy like some bitches. and the police was walking like a fucking snail to break it up. I hate DC cops. the most of them are fat and lazy and don't do shit!!! And took a cab three blocks that cost alittle over $10 what the fuck is this world coming to.

Saturday was the game and Howard lost by a Fucking field goal but lets not go there. I did get to see my dear friend Reka whom i haven't seen since last homecoming because she is so busy being Nape Towns #1 radio personality. it was nice seeing her i miss her so much. I was kind of sad everyone couldn't make it back but maybe next time. i went to a few parties and i was drunk Friday through Sunday. and on some side shit can you believe i paid $16 for 2 extra-value meals from McDonald's in Adams Morgan. That shit was just out of control. but all and all i had a blast and would do it all again.

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