Thursday, October 16, 2008

Moving On...

Its so funny how we grow to see the light. Maybe its how life is suppose to be. Maybe we won't or maybe we will now that is the question. Lets not put to much pressure on the little things. It so much to discover out here about ourselves. I have had my head wrapped around something or should I say someone for the last month and I couldn't see that my life was actually starting to take a turn for the good. I complain about work a lot, and I probably be complaining some more about how they are working my nerves but in the end I feel like I matter at my job and it doesn't just feel like a job. I'm now doing something that makes me feel important. Yeah we all have our ups and downs, but we can't let the downs hold us there. We have to keep pushing. For a moment in that short month I thought I wanted something that I see now I just couldn't have. Maybe it was an easy escape from the bullshit I was going thru but whatever it was it was making me feel better and it was putting something else on my mind. The only thing I can do now is to keep my fingers crossed and hope that things keep moving up.

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