Thursday, February 5, 2009

Top 5 Fav Videos Right Now!!!

Top 5 Videos


Estelle F/ Kanye West- American Boy

Directed By: Syndrome

I love this video and song to death every time it comes on i'm somewhere dancing non stop and singing every word. If you are not digging this song and video you need to wake the hell up!!!

Keri Hilson F/ Lil Wayne- Turnin Me On

Directed By: Erik White

Wasn't really feeling this song at first but now it is one of my favorites and the video speaks for it self!!!

Yung L.A. F/ Young Dro & T.I.

Directed By: Kai Crawford

I don't why just love this one right now!!!!

Ciara F/ Young Jeezey- Never Ever

Directed By: Chris Robinson

I watched the making of this video and Ciara killed it plus the song is nice and has a great vibe to it!!!

Common F/ Pharell- Universal Mind Control

Directed by: Hype Willaims

Right now this is one of the hottess songs and videos out. Hype put his thing on it and Common could do no wrong in my book. This should make everyones top list!!!

1 comment:

J said...

that Ciara video is whack! is the song. i wish the rest of the world would see it!