Monday, February 16, 2009

New York Fashion Week!!!

New York Fashion Week
Gilded Age
Ok so I know all of you out there are like why hasn't he posted anything about fashion week New York. And to tell the truth i've just been being lazy. With New York fashion week its so much more going on and i have to say to much of the same stuff. i feel like not to any people are taking any chances and it gets kinda oring here in the states. But I did love a few loks from a few shows. Some of my favorite shows so far would have to be Band Of Outsiders, Calvin Klien Collection, Spurr, Rag & Bone and Y-3.


Loden Dager

Victor Glemaud

Shipley & Halmos
Robert Geller
Rag & Bone

Calvin Klein Collection

Band Of Outsiders

John Bartlett

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