Friday, January 23, 2009

Notorious Movie Review!!!!

OK so I haven't been so excited to see a movie in a long time. But I was hyped about the Biggie movie. Even though i was skeptical about some of the actors, it was a bio-pic about something that took place in my generation. Unlike other bio-pics I could relate and recall so much of what was going on. The Notorious BIG is and will forever be my favorite rapper. He is the greatest dead or alive but for some odd reason I couldn't find a connection to the movie it was like a roller coaster that with just one loop, uneventful. Yes biggie's story was interesting but the the depth of the actors all fell short to me. Don't get me twisted i love Derek Luke and Angela Bassett but this has to be the worst performance from both actors. Derek Luke was just not a believe producer/rapper to me. And Angela Bassetts accent was the worst. And don't even get me started on who they did Lil Kim. I don't want to sound like a hater but they made Kim seem like a ran down ass groupie. And they had her doing she she wasn't even doing when Biggie was alive like blond hair Kim didn't go blond until All About The Benjamin's. All in all i would give the film a C+, which I'm sad to say because i love The Late Great Frank White!!!

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