Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm Ready!!!!

Something about my life has me vexed. It seems every time I think I'm headed down the right path I come to a road block that stumps me for at leas 3 months. What the fuck is wrong with me. And please everyone stop telling me that i will be okay cause that all a crock of shit. I want the best, and for the past few years i think i have been settling for the alright or okay. It is time for me to stop waiting on shit to happen and just do it. First things first getting out of this confiding ass city i leave in. Next stop dreaming and move towards those dreams instead of letting them pile up and fading away. and the last step is to be me and nobody else. I can't be who everyone else wants me to be i can only satisfy myself for now and work on others later!!!

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