Friday, June 26, 2009

Top 5 Michael Jackson Videos!!!

Top 5 Michael Jackson Videos

"Remember The Time"

Dangerous (1991)

This is another one of MJ's classic epic music videos. The dancing and cameos from a few of Michael Jackson's friends (Eddie Murphy, Magic Johnson, and Iman) made this one to remember. This came out back in the day when MJ was premiering his videos on prime time television like they where sitcoms or hour long dramas. and the Egyptian theme was only the right setting for the King Of Pop.

'Smooth Criminal"

Bad (1987)

What can be said about a video when Michael turns into a car to get away from the bad guys. Drives to a Jook joint turn it out. Do a dance break down where he leans towards the floor at an 60 degrees angle all without falling on his face, dressed in all white and moving like no other has ever done in the world of music videos. Amazing...That's All!!!

"Liberian Girl"

Bad (1987)

This is my Favorite of his Videos...Period!!!

"Scream" Ft. Janet Jackson

History: Past, Present, And Future (1995)

Michael Made History with the first single from his 1995 half greatest hits, half new hits of the same name when he teamed up with no other than baby sister Janet Jackson to make the worlds most expensive video ever. The things you see in this video where never done before and at a grand total of $7 million dollars there has never been anything close to it. Michael and Janet to two power house Jackson's with loads of hit songs came together for the first time to produce not only an amazing video but a song to make a difference. They took home the MTV moon man for this one, which if you ask me there was no competition!!!

"Rock With You"

Off The Wall (1979)

This is one of my all time favorite Michael Jackson songs and the video just gets to the point. Lights, Camara, Action give MJ the mic and he will take it from there!!!

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