Friday, June 26, 2009

Throwback Album!!!

"Sex, Love & Pain" (2007)
Tank's "Love, Sex &Pain" has to be the best and most slept on R&B album of the 21st century. There was not one bad song on the entire LP. With slow and sex tracks like "When" and heart felt tracks like "My Heart" Tank Displayed what it was to be a grown ass man and wear your heart on your sleeve, and show your true emotions like we all should in grown up relationships. The music was from the heartt and not this anything bs that the radio's are being flooded with these days. This new generation have no idea what R&B is with the exception of guys like Ne-Yo, Johnta Austin, Musiq Soulchild sometimes Usher and a few others!!! If you don't have his great album you would want to run to your nearst music store and grab yourself a copy!!!

"Please Don't Go"

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