Sunday, June 28, 2009

John Galliano Men's S/S 2010!!!

John Galliano Men's S/S 2010
John Galliano
The travels of Napoleon Bonaparte were the thread binding the exotic chapters of a cinematic and riveting Galliano show, held in a cavernous, graffiti-covered abandoned pool. Utility garb in desert hues met fine oriental vase prints. Belts and knotted shirts bound the waists, defining the silhouette. Looks were topped with long coats in historical officer’s cuts and details. Some black versions were overlaid with layers of chiffon that billowed in their wake. Though that may not sound masculine, it was a gorgeous example of Western militarism meeting the languid sensuality associated with the Orient. For the requisite underwear portion of the show, Galliano conjured young Sicilian men draped in leopard and gold leaf. Looking to Arabia, a mix of suiting, denim and suede in sandy shades blew by. Flashes of gold embroidery and beading trimmed some of the denim. Long, silky shirts flowed from under blazers. In fact there was a surprising amount of tailored clothing throughout the maximal costume drama, especially for evening, where there were tuxedoes, smoking jackets and brocades fit for an emperor.

John Galliano Men's S/S 2010 Pt.1

John Galliano Men's S/S 2010 Pt.2

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Photos By:Giovanni Giannoni

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