Saturday, November 15, 2008

Something About The Fall!!!

There is something about the fall that makes me want to be outside every chance i get. It may have something to do with the fact that its not too cold and its not too hot it just right and the rainy days are the best. I love when the tree lined blocks of Washington DC are just filled with color and to people are out walking there dogs and play with there children. It's something in the air of fall that's a little more organic than the other seasons. This fall started a little late but at this very moment I'm completely satisfied with the state of things here in the District. 

And lets not forget the fashion. Fall is one of the biggest seasons for fashion. there is so many different things you can do. and to help those how don't quiet have an idea of what to do in the fall ACCESSORIZE , Scarfs, hats, fingerless gloves, bags, tights/leggings, sunglasses (very simple ones nothing to gaudy), and so much more. One of the key things to remember when it comes to fall is that it is totally ok to layer. for example take a little jacket and throw it over a cardigan and button-down shirt jeans are a great match for this combo weather dark or light denim, add a scarf and please all of you fashionistas please one scarf at a time you should not be outside with a more than 1 scarf on, and you have a great fall look. Fall looks are very tricky because at the same time you can do to much but remember if you feel good in it, Do It.all pics were taken by ME!!!

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