Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Its Time!!!

I know that its been forever since I have posted anything real on this blog and that's because in the third and forth quarter of 2009 I have been a mess. This past year alone i have started my life in the fashion industry and because I'm so new to this world and I still have many fears and obstacles I'm facing I feel good about the amount I have learned in such a short period of time. there are so many paths to walk and so many new things lurking around the corner for me and with that said this is a promise I'm make to myself in which if i were to break i would be too disappointing.

In 2010 i have to set my feet on solid ground and run with the speed of sound. No bogus resolutions that i and many alike know they can't keep to. So I'm pledging that i just keep moving forward in my life making myself truly happy and stable. In the past year i found out that there are so many lesson out here in the world to learn and only yourself can stop you from obtaining these lessons. This is a pledge to grind like i have never grind before because the ultimate goal is to be a truly happy evolved person that learns more to take to future years.

Happy New Years, To All my family and friends and anyone out there who has ever had a dream!!!
This is the Song and Video That will ring throughout my 2010!!!

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