Thursday, March 5, 2009

25 and Now It's On!!!

25t Birthday Weekend

Over this past weekend I moved into a new box, A new age box that is. I am now 25 years old and now I feel ready to move on with my LIFE. The weekend was filled with up and downs and fun was had of course. On Friday i went to the Wizards Game with friends and enjoyed seeing my home team bring down the Bulls. And what made it more exciting is the fact that Barack Obama was sitting in the same place watching the same game as I was.

Me & Yash At Game

Later that night me and a few friends made our way over to the Space and Marvin's to pop champaign and drink until we couldn't any more. The next day I hung with friends had dinner and went out to Adams Morgan later that night for more drinks. Sunday morining me and friends with to brunch at my favorite place for brunch and bottomless mimosa and five star food. All in all I had a great birthday and it was full of surprises and great friends. I want to say thanks to everyone that help me bring 25 in right!!!

Yash, John, Amir & I at Game

Popping Bottles
Dez, Amir, Yash & John

Yash, Dez & I

(We Love To Cheers)

We love brunch at the Beacon Bar and Grill we go often and the food is amazing. And who can turn down bottomless mimosa. Keep them coming cause i'm all about the breakfast drink. I wonder who cam up with a way to have a drink so early and not be judge for it.

Ana, Sam, John, David, & I
at the Beacon for Brunch

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